Health & Wellness Sleep Institute

Comprehensive consultation, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders and weight management issues, in one convenient, professional setting. Located on the corner of 15th and Center in Pocatello. Directions

We are Pocatello's Leading Edge Sleep Diagnostic and Testing Center.

Our staff of cutting edge care providers is overseen by nationally renowned sleep expert Dr. Daron Scherr. Onsite managers are Cyndi Rice, LNP, who oversees our weight management practice, including expertise in Gastric Lap Bands, and Helene Paulos-Edmo, FNP-C, who oversees our sleep center and wellness practices.

Helene Paulos-Edmo FNP-C consults with one of our values patients.


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Our state of the art sleep center offers hotel-like accommodations. You'll feel right at home for your sleep study!

Our professional, highly trained, personal staff will provide you with first class health consultation and treatment for a variety of common complaints. Call us or stop by our clinic today and find out how we can help you feel better. At the Health & Wellness Sleep Institute — we won't rest, until you do!

Cyndi Rice, LNP providing weight and health management advice.
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